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2017 Coastal Camp Citrus Application and Info.


2017 - 2018 LHS Registration Timeline


Attention Seniors:
Grad Bash Tickets will go on sale January 23rd and be available for only a limited time. There is limited space available and the tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis. All Seniors will receive a Grad Bash packet in their homeroom class next week. In order to be added to the Grad Bash list, you must have all paperwork completed and full payment of $110. NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AFTER FEBRUARY 13th. Tickets are ONLY for sale BEFORE school in front of Mrs. Duclos’ room (97-114). Be sure to read the packet carefully and email Mrs. Duclos if you have any questions or concerns.


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Information concerning the Citrus Tech Line


The Citrus County School District would like to remind you of the option to receive text messages from the district, in the event of an emergency. 
In order for parents/guardians to receive emergency related text messages from the school district, the parent/guardian must have their cell phone number on their student’s Emergency Contact Form on file at the child’s school. 

This feature is available for the first three cell phone numbers listed on the student’s Emergency Contact Form.  Text Messages will only be sent for Emergency notifications.  If you currently have your cell phone number on your child’s Emergency Contact Form at your student’s school, and you have not opted in already, you can take advantage of this opportunity by texting ‘YES’ to 67587.”


Attention Mid-Year Graduates
seeking Bright Futures

A mid-year graduate is a student who graduates September 1 through January 31 of an academic year and seeks funding for the spring academic term following graduation. Students who graduate early but do not seek funding until a subsequent academic year are not considered mid-year graduates for Bright Futures.

The student graduating early and seeking funding for the spring term must submit the Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA) by August 31 PRIOR TO the intended graduation date. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this application deadline. The student must meet the scholarship requirements in effect for the academic year in which he/she graduates. (Example: A December 2016 graduate must meet the 2016-17 scholarship eligibility requirements as well as the general program requirements as outlined earlier in this document.)

Service hours completed by high school graduation and test scores for test dates through January 31 will be considered in a mid-year graduate’s Final Evaluation. A student’s Final transcript evaluation MUST include a graduation date.

If determined eligible as a mid-year graduate, a student may receive funding for the spring term, if enrolled. These students will be evaluated for renewal of their scholarships at the end of the next academic year of funding.
If a student does not graduate mid-year as planned and wishes to apply as an end-of-year graduate, the student must submit a new FFAA after the new application opens on December 1.

Reference the Bright Futures Student Handbook for the latest updates: